Strathcona specializes in fine printed socks, objects and leisure wear. The brand is recognized for its unique and varied patterns, all of which are original works: painted, collaged, photographed or drawn by founder/artist Ryley O'Byrne.

Strathcona Stockings originally launched in 2010 as a collection of limited edition printed socks. Strathcona Studio, the subsequent Ready-to-Wear/Leisure-Wear Collection, launched in 2016 under the epithet "Strathcona Weekend Leisure." The collection was made with comfort, travel, and play in mind. The silhouettes are simple and easy, made for lounging, flying, dancing etc.

Both the Stockings and the Studio Collection are a manifestation of Ryley's concept of fashion, which asserts that it should be functional but not self-serious, ideally existing as a form of expression, art, and fantasy. 

All Strathcona Studio garments are designed and made in Canada, exclusively with 100% Silk. The collection further establishes Strathcona's commitment to comfort and quality, as well as ethical practices within fashion and beyond.

Ryley works from abroad and at her studios in Roberts Creek and Vancouver where she creates weird and sometimes wonderful patterns, artworks and objects. 

Strathcona is honoured to have been featured on, Another Magazine's Stuff We Love, StyleBubble, Vogue Italia, Vogue Australia, New York Magazine, W Magazine, Elle Mexico, Bullett Magazine, Dossier, Harpers Bazzar, Elle UK, Cool Hunting, Nylon Magazine, Fashion Magazine, among other notable magazines and blogs. Our products can be found on-line and in select boutiques worldwide.

Strathcona is committed to quality and service -- we aim for full customer service and satisfaction. (See Shipping and Returns for details), but please keep in mind Strathcona is a very, very small team. We are committed to making beautiful and well made objects and clothes. And we are not, in any way, fast fashion. We are thoroughly slow fashion. If you are in a rush, we will absolutely try to accommodate you and your needs, but keep in mind that our strength is quality and creativity, not pace. Thank you for understanding this and respecting our work and vision. 


"It's pretty much a case of me staring wistfully at Strathcona's curious array of imagery on their website and addictive Tumblr... their tropical florals and foliage printed socks are the exact missing components in my plan... Let's hope Strathcona comes back soon from their otherworldly travels to bring us more delightful ways to cover up my mosqito ravaged and goosebump-marked legs."
Susie Bubble,

"In an era of fast fashion, copycat designs, and the dizzying pace of trends cycling from hot to not, Strathcona Stockings refreshingly combines a unique, modern aesthetic with an old-fashioned commitment to craft and quality."
Michelle Reid Cyca, Sad Magazine

"Strathcona Stockings are at once a reflection of this ethereal Canadian landscape and founder Ryley O'Byrne's distinct artistic vision."
Cool Hunting

"O'Byrne recently launched a line of brightly colored socks printed with original images of fruit, birds, and botanicals... that are the perfect foil for the current round of cropped trousers. Not that the trend-conscious are her only fans: Her customers range from 'elderly men to sock-obsessed professionals to cool fashiony people.'"
W Magazine

"Using a variety of methods to create and inform her designs, O’Byrne’s artistic process is as interesting as the outcome is beautiful... A pioneer brand in the printed stockings and socks industry, the evolving product line presents the best in new prints for men, women, and children."
Katina Danabassis

"With a knee-socked empire that now includes... an art-cult following, she’s well on her way to putting them on everyone"
Heidi Sopinka, Flare Magazine